How Oversized Fashion is Making a Comeback

Posted on January 23 2024, By: Sarath Kumar

If you are a fan of comfort and style, you might have noticed that oversized fashion is back in trend. From runways to offices and Instagram feeds, well-tailored baggy clothes are becoming the go-to fashion choice post-covid. But what is oversized fashion and why is it so popular?

Oversized fashion is a style of clothing that is intentionally larger than the wearer’s body size, creating a loose and relaxed fit. Oversized fashion can include oversized shirts, jackets, sweaters, cardigans, blazers, trousers, jeans, and more. The key is to balance the proportions and create a flattering silhouette, not to drown in fabric.

Oversized fashion is a phenomenon that has been around for a while. It has existed since the 1920s when women started wearing men’s clothes as a form of rebellion and empowerment. It also emerged in the 1980s and 1990s, influenced by hip-hop, grunge, and streetwear cultures. Oversized fashion has always been a way to express individuality, comfort, and confidence.

But why is oversized fashion making a comeback now? There are several reasons for this. One is the pandemic, which has made us prioritize comfort over everything else, making us choose comfortable, easy silhouettes over body-hugging clothes even when returning to the workplace. Another is the social and political unrest, which has made us seek comfort and protection in our clothing, as well as a way to challenge the norms and expectations of society. And finally, oversized fashion is a reflection of our changing attitudes towards body image and beauty standards, as we embrace diversity and inclusivity in fashion4.

One of the best ways to rock the oversized fashion trend is to wear oversized tees. Oversized tees are versatile, stylish, and easy to wear. You can pair them with jeans, leggings, skirts, shorts, or even wear them as dresses. You can also layer them with jackets, cardigans, or blazers for a more polished look. Oversized tees are perfect for any occasion, whether you want to go casual, chic, or edgy.

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