Style Guide: How to Rock Oversized Tees

Posted on January 23 2024, By: Sarath Kumar

Oversized tees are one of the most versatile and comfortable pieces of clothing you can own. They can be styled in many different ways, from casual to chic, and suit any occasion, season, or mood. Whether you want to go for a relaxed, edgy, or trendy look, oversized tees can help you achieve it. In this blog post, we will share some of the must-haves for rocking oversized tees, along with some tips and tricks to make them look flattering and fashionable.

Must-Haves for Oversized Tees

  1. A good fit: Choose a size that is one or two sizes larger than your regular size. You can also measure the length and width of the tee and compare it with your body measurements.
  2. A good fabric: Choose a fabric that is soft, breathable, and durable. It should also suit the weather and the occasion. For example, cotton is great for summer, wool or fleece is good for winter, and synthetic fabrics are good for sports or outdoor activities.
  3. A good colour: Choose a colour that matches your skin tone, hair colour, and personal style. You can also experiment with different colours and patterns to create different moods and effects.
  4. A good print: Choose a print that expresses your personality, interests, and preferences. You can choose a print that reflects your favourite band, movie, show, book, or quote. You can also choose a print that showcases your humour, attitude, or message.

Tips for Styling Oversized Tees

  1. Balance the proportions: Pair your oversized tee with something fitted and slim on the bottom, such as skinny jeans, leggings, or shorts. This will create a contrast and a flattering silhouette.
  2. Tuck it in: Tuck your oversized tee in completely, partially, or asymmetrically, depending on the look you want to achieve. Tucking in your oversized tee can help you show off your waist, hips, or belt. It can also make your legs look longer and your torso look shorter.
  3. Tie it up: Tie your oversized tee up in the front, back, or side, creating a knot or a bow. This can help you create some shape and definition, as well as some texture and interest. Tying up your oversized tee can also make it look more cropped and fitted.
  4. Layer it up: Layer your oversized tee under or over something, depending on the weather and the occasion. You can layer it under a blazer, a cardigan, or a denim jacket for a more polished and cosy look. You can also layer it over a dress, a skirt, or a tank top for a more casual and playful look. Layering your oversized tee can also help you mix and match different colours, patterns, and textures.
  5. Accessorize it: Accessorize your oversized tee with some jewellery, shoes, bags, or hats. Accessories can add some sparkle, colour, or personality to your outfit, and make it look more complete and put-together.


Oversized tees are a must-have for any wardrobe, as they are comfortable, versatile, and stylish. You can style them in many different ways, from casual to chic, and suit any occasion, season, or mood. All you need are some of the must-haves and tips for oversized tees, and you can rock them like a pro. Shop now and get ready to slay the oversized tee trend!


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